Kane County, Illinois Car Accident Injuries

Kane County vehicle accidents, as well as those elsewhere in Illinois, often cause injuries, which may have lasting effects on a person.  Some of these injuries are chronic and may require extensive medical care, as well as cause permanent impairments, including the inability to perform work or other vital functions.

Many vehicle accidents cause serious injuries, and may lead to death.  These injuries can include broken bones; bleeding; back injuries; herniated discs; spinal cord injuries/paralysis; burn injuries; and various head trauma and brain injuries.

Non-fatal injuries often involve many types of expenses.  These include medical bills, ongoing medical care costs, lost wages, and other expenses that can be substantially large and recurring.

Notably, some car accident injuries may not be readily apparent at the time of the accident, meaning that you may not realize that injuries have been sustained – or realize the extent of the injuries – until some time after the injury happened.

Because the adverse impacts of a vehicle accident can potentially linger for (many) years, for an injured person it is important to know what legal remedies may possibly exist.  While some people believe that they can handle injury legal negotiations on their own, many others choose to hire a car accident lawyer to protect their legal rights and seek compensation.   An experienced Chicago car accident attorney will have the experience and skills needed to deal with insurance companies and other parties, handle relevant paperwork, determine liability and either negotiate a settlement or take the vehicle accident injury case to court.

Elman Joseph Law Group’s concentration in personal injury law in Kane County and the greater Chicago area gets proven results for vehicle injury clients.  Due to our 20+ years of Illinois personal injury legal experience, we know how much cases are worth and will work to get you the maximum possible compensation. We have built a reputation as litigators, with a proven capability to take cases to trial should settlement offers prove inadequate.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident, please contact Tony Elman immediately at 773-392-8182 or [email protected] to discuss your accident.  This discussion is provided free and is confidential.